My first ‘realistic’ dream car

Friday, January 13th, 2012

This is a Honda Prelude 4th Generation/  ’92 – ’96 model. 

And this is my first ‘realistic’ dream car. As in I have quite a chance to own this car someday.

I discovered this baby of mine while I was playing Gran Turismo 2 on a Playstation emulator back in 2001. And I fell in love with it since.

Don’t bother asking me about the performance, the 2.2 litre engine and all that though. I only love it for the aesthetics. In fact, that’s my main criteria for choosing cars. If it doesn’t look sexy to me, I am not going to own the car.

Problem is, the car is old. Pretty old. The car costs at the average between RM23,000 to RM30,000 and with the age of the car I can’t go to the bank for car loans for the obvious reason. Ah-long style personal loaning? Please, I’m too cool for that.

I guess I’ll be manually saving up until I have enough to buy without loaning. I might be 55 by then though. Sigh.

But my dream to own this car lives on. For now, I’ll continue to imagine my Perodua Kelisa as the Honda Prelude.


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