This film made me cry!

Monday, January 16th, 2012

My parents recently subscribed to the ASTRO “New Emperor” package as they wanted to watch the local Chinese drama shows at ASTRO “Hua Hee Dai” channel.

Part of this package includes the “Celestrial Movies” channel, which is interesting to me because the Chinese movies in that channel has ENGLISH SUBTITLES! 😀

(Ok, it is very sad that I am a Chinese but I do not understand Chinese except the Hokkein dialect…but hey blame it on my English-based education and environment!)

Anyway, I was surfing the TV this morning and I ended up watching a movie at the said channel.

The movie was called “Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles”. Unfortunately I was watching the final few scenes of the movie…

…but that final scenes of the movie…


…actually made me shed some tears


…without revealing much…it was a particularly moving scene where a guy who’s in prison finally get to see his son on a prison TV thanks to the main character’s digital camera attached to the TV…


…the acting…the emotion…I really felt it…


It is very rare that I cried over a movie scene.

This is not the first film where I actually shed tears…but this has to be the first time I cried to a movie without even watching the whole thing!

A repeat of “Riding Alone For Thousands of Miles” will be at 8am this Friday. I must watch it. And be prepared for another emotional roller coaster perhaps.



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