Super Solvers Midnight Rescue!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Ah, the powers of  a Twitter hashtag for me to rediscover this edutainment game I’ve completely forgotten till now!

It all started from #WhenIWas16 Twitter hashtag which my friend posted. I followed the trend and mentioned about my time playing a lot of video games when I was, well, 16 of course.

Then I got curious and went to Wikipedia to find out more about video games back in 2000, the time I was at that age. As I read the article I certainly had flashbacks on the games and events that happened back then. Stuff like:

  • Microsoft acquiring Bungie Software (and hence the game Halo:Combat Evolved was born)
  • Nvidia acquiring 3Dfx. Ah yes, I had the famous Voodoo 3 graphics card I was so proud to own then…only to realize I can’t play 3D games with it or the PC will crash!!
  • SNK went bankrupt. I was so busy playing their game King of Fighters yet I didn’t know it until a year or two later.
  • And many others.

However, I wasn’t familiar with this part of the article: “Mattel Inc. sells The Learning Company to Gores Technology Group”

The Learning Company? I don’t think I know this company, but somehow I’m complied to click on the blue-marked highlight on the company.

So I clicked on that link, read it and then I saw a couple of words.

“Midnight Rescue!”

Hey, why do I know this game somehow?

So I clicked on the link.

And another part of my childhood memory has been unlocked!

OH MY GOD I REMEMBERED THIS GAME! (Read more about the game here)

I immediately checked out Youtube for it:

AHHH!!!! The music!!! The gameplay!! The frustrations of me playing this game when I was in either Primary 1 or 2 (because I do not fully understand the purpose of the game!)!!

It all came back to me!

Looking at this game now, I see why my parents went to buy this. I’m just not sure if the objective of getting me to read was a success though.

Wait. I think they did, but not in terms of reading books like Harry Potter. I grew up to read magazines, and whatever’s on the Internet.

I think I should go find the game for good old times sake 🙂

And this might be good for my niece to play this when she hits 7. Unlike me, I think she’ll grab the concept of the game sooner…


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