The Fat Mega Man & The Pac-Man on a Mech

Monday, February 20th, 2012

I was surfing on YouTube the other day and I had the curiosity to check out the latest development of Street Fighter X Tekken.

So I when to check it out and I stumbled upon this:


COOL! I like!

Now why in the world is Mega Man like that? Shouldn’t he be like all-blue and has an arm cannon instead of a blaster gun?

Now according to sources online, Capcom decided to do the fat Mega Man based on this particular “bad box art”:

This was from the 80s. So imagine him twenty years later, and not being active!

Capcom…they really know how to TROLL the fans! If I own a PS3 I swear I’ll buy it for this! LOL

As for Pac-Man, well I’ll prefer him to be fighting with his fist and not use Mokujin (the character Pac-Man is riding on) to do the fighting for him…but it’s all cool for me.

But really, Capcom sure knows how to have fun 🙂


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