Muay Thai Basic Course Sarawak 2012 – Part 2

Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Right, I’m still feeling the muscle soreness throughout my body!

With a schedule of the course like this though, it’s understandable why I’m aching all over:

8am: Arrived at Dawi Fitness Gym.

8.30am: Breakfast consisting of simple kuih (cakes).

9.00am: Learning to wrap your hands with Muay Thai/Boxing long wraps. This to me was actually the most difficult part of the course!

9.30am:  We begin the exercise with skip ropes for just 10-15 minutes. That’s enough to get my heart pumping. This is followed by a recap of previous night’s training – the punches and the footwork.

10.30am: Trainer Mr. Bernard Radin introduced the kicks and the knees.

12.00pm: Lunch break. Lunch consist of chicken with Chinese-style cabbage and cauliflowers, a small piece of omelette and white rice. This was also the time to rest and chat with the trainer and my classmates.

2.20pm: Second round of skipping and shadowbox. Introduction of elbows.

3.30pm: A quick tea break. Same as breakfast with the addition of curry puffs and goreng pisang.

4.00pm: Punching and kicking on the heavy bag. By end of this I was pretty much exhausted. Managed to cramp my inner right thigh by then.

7.00pm: Dinner. Curry fish with long beans and white rice.

8.20pm: Basic defense and some self-defense techniques.

9.30pm: End of course and photoshoot.


Was it worth RM150? You bet! Not only did I learnt the basics of Muay Thai (and pretty much ditched the Tae Kwon Do techniques) but I’ve also made a few friends from a day’s worth of training. And of course it was an honour for me to be trained under Mr. Bernard Radin even if it was just for a day.

Looking forward to the next round of training…as soon as I stopped limping around my own home!


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