Tentacle Grape Soda? Wasabi-flavoured Kit Kat?? Tomato de Chocolate???

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Ah, Japan. They sure know how to create the really weird types of food and drinks.

Before I continue, check out the 9 bizarre Japanese treats here!

Now then, of the 9 items I’m very curious about the three items on this blog title:


Tentacle Grape:

It’s called “The official soda of the Internet” for a reason! Just look at the cover for this bottle…

Does this not scream “HENTAI” to you?? LOL I love how the guys behind this marketed the soda based on Japanese anime porn…


Wasabi-flavoured Kit Kat:

I love Kit Kat and I love wasabi so I can imagine the taste of it…this would be perfect for the “challenge” part for a typical Chinese wedding; you know, where the “heng tais” (brothers) of the groom would have to accept kind of punishment from the bride’s side.


Tomato de Chocolate:

This I still can’t get around to imagining the taste…


Regardless, I would love to taste all of this! So if you happened to have these with you could you pass it to me? 🙂



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