Nokia 808 PureView…whoa, 41-MP sensor!?

Thursday, March 1st, 2012

(first things first…I forgot to bring my pink Ms. Angrybird food utensils to work today! My colleagues thought I chicken’ed out the dare…so to be safe I now placed Ms. Angrybird in the car.)

So as usual I was reading the Tech section on The Star regarding the outstanding smartphones and Tablets at the MWC (Mobile World Congress).

Upon opening the link, I immediately noticed a smartphone with a very chunky camera on one corner:

If this was out a mere four years ago I would have done whatever it takes to get this phone! A massive 41-MP image sensor with 1080p video recording!? I would have love this for my video blog on the go!

However, why Nokia why did you have the 808 PureView on SYMBIAN BELLE!??? WHY!!!??

Sigh, and more importantly, how does the battery lifespan hold up to continuous video recording at 1080p? I once had the LG Viewty for its video recording…with a fully charged battery I could record up to approximately 50 minutes of video on highest settings before the battery heat was very obvious and I’m required to charge the phone soon after.

And how much will this cost? If it’s high price then I would consider getting a Samsung Galaxy Note instead.

So most likely I wouldn’t get this phone. But I’m open to changing my mind about this if given the chance to try it out.


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