Kek lapis losing its appeal? Oh really?

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Read the article at The Star Online about the 80% drop in Sarawak kek lapis (layered cake) from August last year to January 2012.

Having the controversial decision to turn Golden Churn Butter into a non-halal product (and making the term “Pig DNA” a household term) created that huge drop without a doubt. But honestly,I wonder if the title of this article was quite misleading.

Just because of one issue with the recipe and a horrible revenue we Sarawakians are gonna ditched the age-old delicacy for Indonesian layer cake this year and possibly the years to come? Oh please. I recalled the makers of Golden Churn Butter will  do their best to make themselves Halal before this year’s Hari Raya. And why not? Money was lost before, surely they need to recover too…

…just like the kek lapis business. I know we love our kek lapis enough to never let it be simply a forgotten food. All I’m saying is, kek lapis may only lost its appeal once, but it will never lose its appeal forever.

There will be a kek lapis baking competition this weekend. Dunno where, but in the interest of patriotism with my hometown’s food products I should attend.

Right, who has the number to the Sarawak Layer Cake Entrepreneurs Association (PPLKS)?


One comment on “Kek lapis losing its appeal? Oh really?

  1. irene says:

    hah sounds so dramatic lol. anyway, a fried of mine sells kek lapis… didn’t see demand for hers go down despite the stupid golden churn debacle.

    on (somewhat) related news, jakim is being stupid again as usual:

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