The 834 calories a day challenge.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

Had a check on my body fat percentage last night. 24%. That’s just 0.6% decrease from the last time I’ve checked, which was back in January.

According to the machine, I need to lose about 8kg to get to the target 15%. Obviously I was not satisfied with my progress so I decided to really watch what I eat from now until I achieved the target.

I visited LIVESTRONG and have my daily consumption tracked over there. I clicked on my target of losing a kilo a week, and with that the website automatically calculate the calories I should be eating in a day.

The result: 834 calories a day. Oh man, that’s little to eat!!

But challenge accepted nonetheless. The website even calculated how much carbs, fat, protein as such per day. To put in short: just a little bit of bread/rice, and lots of veges, fruits, meat cooked in the correct way…you know the drill.

At the end of Day 1 though, and it was already tough! The body is currently not used to the ‘shock’ of having far less meals than before. Sorry my dear body, bear with me while I complete this challenge!


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