He literally shit in the shower at the gym!?

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

“You!” a gym resident trainer pointed out to my Body Combat instructor and friend. “Did you shit in the shower?”

“What!? No la, where gotttt” replied my friend.

Aiya, next time you don’t shit in the shower la OK?” the gym resident trainer continued.

From here I had to interrupt the conversation. “Don’t tell me there is a true story to that??”

“IT’S TRUE STORY BROTHER!” the trainer raised his voice to affirm the truth behind what seems to be utter nonsense.

I couldn’t believe it. Someone in this respectable gym is so low and scumbag enough to shit outside the designated toilet?

“Seriously, someone did shit in the shower JUST NOW!”


This was just after my workout. which I really needed a shower. I DID NOT EXPECT TO HEAR THIS!


“In fact, I can show you two the photos wei!”

Still in utter disbelief, but nonetheless curious to verify the truth, we checked out the photo from his mobile phone.

It. was. NASTY! (I wish I had my camera with me at the time the trainer showed the photo)

Normally I could handle disgusting photos but this was too much not because of the graphic nature of the photo… but the fact that it really happened earlier tonight at the gym I go to and I do use the shower there, especially the shower cubicle of the certain “crime scene”.

DAFUQ man. Even though the trainer said his colleagues had to clean up the crap in the cubicle, I was traumatize enough to not only avoid taking a shower at the cubicle but all the ones on the same section as the “crime scene”!

Seriously…what the fuck is wrong with this guy? Why is he crapping while showering?? WHY??

I think it’s high time the gym get some premium toilet and shower rooms. The gym certainly has a lot of members since its opening about three years ago…but unfortunately the gym now has some dickheads, scumbags and even mentally not-so-stable members. What happened earlier was the worst I ever heard at the gym.

For the time being, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to take a dump without thinking about this incident.


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