Introducing RISK to my mates

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Last night, I invited the usual boys to come over to my place and played a game of RISK together.

I always love this game. Not because it test your skills in strategy and such, but because of the manipulation and propaganda that is involved between the players. Like building an alliance with another player, or backstabbing the player with an unexpected break of promise!

In this particular game I was playing with Fahriee, Cyril and Kim. I made an alliance with Fahriee, who was playing the grey team (I was on blue). My mission was supposed to take North America and Africa, but I needed to manipulate him for me to conquer Africa.

Little did I know that his mission was to take Asia and also Africa. Who manipulated who then?

In the end, Fahriee won. And I was too slow to react to his suddenly dominance.

Lucky Genghis Khan.

(P.S: I am so sorry that this was actually written on the 25 March 2012 instead of the supposed date. This was due to me being out running errands, supporting my friends who were fighting at a Muay Thai competition, and Irene‘s birthday party to attend to…)


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