Proton Pervert…I mean, Proton Prevé

Friday, April 6th, 2012

So we all have heard of Proton’s new car…

It’s a decent looking car for me, and from what I read the specs is quite good too.

But…why name the car a Spanish word that I am certain 3/4 of Malaysians will MISPRONOUNCE it the first time!??? Not only that, they had to name it on a word that can most certainly be mistaken for “PERVE” or “PERVERT”!?

The hell la…why can’t they stick to the original name of “Tuah”???

I love this rear lights so much! Yet sadly, this design is obviously not in the production model that is called Proton Prevé. Oh well, a 'concept' will always be a 'concept'...

You know what, I’m just going to call the Proton Prevé a Proton Hamsap instead.


One comment on “Proton Pervert…I mean, Proton Prevé

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