Finally…after 4 bloody months of waiting…

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

The FHM December 2011 issue is now in my possession! All thanks to some dude at ASTRO who can’t do his job well. Not only did I sent him an email on my renewal form sometime in early December 2011, but I specifically asked him to send me the issue with the annual calendar edition.

I ended up with the January 2012 issue. Sent him several emails for the December 2011; even fucking tried to call him on his office line.

So not only I have to read some old articles, but I had to miss out 3 months of the calendar…and that meant missing out on 3 gorgeous ladies on my wall!

To add salt to injury, the first 3 months of this year’s calendar was superb! Hannah Tan for January, Marsha Milan for February and Megan Tan for March.


Oh well, I’m glad to obtain this issue nonetheless and happy to keep my FHM magazine collection intact since I signed up for subscription a couple of years ago. All thanks to another FHM staff who is far more competent than the other guy I had to deal with.

Hopefully none of this nonsense happens again!


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