Do you know how to skip rope?

Monday, April 16th, 2012

One of the basic ways I learnt from my 1 1/2 day Muay Thai training was to do skip ropes as a warm-up.

Having missed such a simple yet effective way to get your heart pumping, I went out to buy myself my own jump ropes.

And it’s cheap too: just RM30 for this new set of jump ropes. This was brought at the sports shop in Boulevard.

Got home, unpack the stuff and I started to skip in confidence…

…only to have my ankles being whipped by the bright plastic-ky after two spins. How embarrassing.

It wasn’t painful, just a very light sting; something a slave would enjoy in an S&M session. But it was embarrassing. Just like my first time playing with the equipment at the Muay Thai training.

Not to be taken back by my inability to coordinate my skips, I looked up the basics on my life coach and free trainer, YouTube:

I improved to 14 skips at best…still crap, but better la…


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