Smart Watches. Are they worth it?

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

It all started from me discovering the Sony SmartWatch from :

Ohhh the temptation for me to order is there…but at RM399, needing a headset to actually answer a call and no written proof that it’s waterproof (despite what the video showed…oh, sorry for the pun) my brain took over my heart basically.

I searched around and I saw something probably better than Sony’s:

Now this one looks great! The Pebble is about the same price as the SmartWatch but at least this one claims to be waterproof and seemingly longer battery life. But I have to order this from the USA so that might take a long time to reach here…

Then there is this. The biggest of the three, in both size and price! As least a minimum of RM1,399 for one of i’m Watch!!!

So then…would you get yourself a smart watch?


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