Rich girl marrying a chicken rice seller

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Read an article from STOMP about a rich girl who decided to marry a guy who works as a chicken rice seller. 

Lucky for him indeed! Especially in Singapore where the stereotyped Singaporean girls are materialistic and snobbish. I’m still fairly curious on how they actually met and how did both sides of the parents react to the marriage.

But on the bigger side of things, it is quite sad to hear guys being ignored by women just because of their blue-collared jobs. These narrow-minded women think these guys can’t afford to financially support them, but that seem so far from the truth.

I recalled a guy whom I met back in the college days. He was an economy rice seller, always at the kopitiam nearby my place every day. One day I saw him got out of a car. Of course, as you could figure out by now, he wasn’t driving a Perodua or anything within that range…he was in fact driving a Mercedes Benz SLK R170!

Maybe I should just become an economy rice seller, since I’m not having any luck with women despite doing a white-collared job!


One comment on “Rich girl marrying a chicken rice seller

  1. ahlost says:

    When you decided to become a chicken rice seller, please remember to inform cos I can’t think of other place to go makan during lunch !! hahahaha !!

    haiya.. humans are materialistic one ma.. but not all the girls want rich guys… this case for example.. but then hor.. i’m really curious ler.. this girl so young wei.. but she’s getting married so soon.. hmph..

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