Raising the party spirit at ELEVATE Kuching

Monday, October 15th, 2012

So, last night I was invited to attend this ELEVATE party in Terminal 1. And as mentioned in my previous post, I was indeed excited to see the performance of “elecoldxhot” as well the beauty (and skill) of DJ Juicy M.

After a lengthy wait to enter the club, we were greeted by one of the organizers, Ms. Priscilla to our VIP table. Lovely!

Not too long after that, I was approached by a lady…she wasn’t asking for my number, but rather she wanted me to play a game with Fahriee. Me being a natural video game geek, I duly accepted the challenge. Fahriee was of course beaten not once, but twice. Heh.

Fahriee in disbelief over my unusual finger technique.

My reward: A unique ELEVATE lighter. Thank you very much ELEVATE!

So we waited for elecoldxhot to perform…

Cyril waits like a boss.

So was the crowd…

I got bored a bit, so I took time to check out the crowd outside to see who’s hot and who’s not.

I even had the time to bring my friend out to 7-11 and grab supper for her plus her gastric pills. Though I wish she take care of herself more seriously.

By the time I came back, Terminal 1 was crowded!

At 11-ish PM, the venue was officially packed.

Then finally, elecoldxhot showed up! And they literally lighted up the stage!

Awesome moves from these guys wei!

The B-Boys certainly helped us to start the party. That usually means a bottle of liquor to go with the beers! The organizers provided free flow of beers too. Cue scenes of “Hangover” movie.

I think one of us is an Android.

DJ Juicy M then came by to our VIP corner. Not surprisingly, camera flashes everywhere.

Bit my tongue just to stay focused, if you know what I mean. Cath supervising Kim‘s eye contact.

I was hoping to impress her by saying “Pryvit” (pronounced pree-vee-it) or “Vitayu”, both meaning “Hello” in Ukrainian. What was supposedly a mingling session with her turned out to be only a photoshoot session before she left us. I did not get to say the one Ukrainian word I learnt that day to her 😦

Meanwhile, elecoldxhot continued to perform. I admire the level of confidence in them, despite the not-so-appreciative crowd (a lot more Uncles and Aunties than kids). That’s why they’re 8TV Showdown 2011 champions and many other competitions before that!

Thankfully the Chicken Dance did not reach the heights of Oppa Gangnam Style madness.

But enough of them sweating it out, it was time for me and my buddies to dance and sweat away with DJ Juicy M!

And she does not disappoint! In fact, she’s arguably the best foreign DJane to perform in Kuching to date…even better than DJ Mari Ferrari’s time at BarZ!ng last year!

These days, cameras and not human eyes are watching.

Most amazing of all, she did not play an Oppa Gangnam Style song! Hehe…on a serious note she truly has the skills to match with her beauty.

What a Saturday night/Sunday morning for me 🙂 It was certainly a fantastic night partying with my blogging friends as well as the friends that joined us. Without them, I would have “retired” from the clubbing scene about two years ago.

Fahriee thought he could do Son Goku’s “Instant Teleportation” skill. With a duplicated self in the background, that could well be possible…

Many thanks to Mr. Donovan of ELEVATE for giving us lucky five bloggers the privilege to party VIP-style. We hope to have another opportunity to party at ELEVATE, and when given more time, help you promote your future events further.

Physical memories of ELEVATE

Register your details to ELEVATE’s website (http://elevate.my/) and be updated with ELEVATE’s latest parties.


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