2012 in review.

Monday, December 31st, 2012

A year of weddings, a year of farewells. New friends were made, some friends became strangers. Many days of laughter, just as many the opposite. A time of ambition, caught sidetracked by doubt. Behind the smiles, questions filled the voice within.

(plays the theme song for 2012: PSY – Oppa Gangnam Style)

The good:

  • A step up in the career-ladder. 
  • Survived 3 hours of Level Up Fitness’ “Class Olympics Marathon”, earning a medal in the process. I never thought I’ll be this fit at all!
  • Fallen in love with the wonderful taste of Singapore’s Chili Crabs at No Signage Restaurant.
  • The maiden “bromance” visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, with Cyril, Fahriee and Rodz.
  • Discovered an interest in dancing, via Level Up Fitness’ “Oppa Gangnam Style” Flash Mob
  • Being the best man to one of my closest friend’s wedding.

The bad:

  • Stress levels doubled as a result of increased workload. I definitely spent a little too much time in the office. 
  • Office politics intensified as a result of the promotion.
  • Not in control of my temper.
  • Picked up smoking once again.
  • Continue to fall sick consistently despite the addiction to exercise and more recently a change to a healthier diet.
  • Still in debt and not being able to obtain some form of side income for the year.

The ugly:

  • Her marriage to another man. And in turn, the end of a friendship. 
  • Being rejected/”Friendzoned”.
  • Having to reject the advances of a couple of the opposite genders.
  • The constant feeling of loneliness despite the wonderful friends around me.


Thank you 2012. The world didn’t end (yet again). But part of me has died. So I’m taking a soul-searching train in 2013. Not like I can say no to the roller-coaster ride right, life?


5 comments on “2012 in review.

  1. Cyril Dason says:

    Oh man.. the ‘the ugly’ part makes me think of one thing…. Hope 2013 would be awesome for you!

  2. Coffee Girl says:

    Awww the constant feeling of loneliness… I hope for your sake, my new friend, 2013 will end that. Happy New Year!

  3. ahlost says:

    hope you can quit smoking in 2013.. and be a happy guy again Mike.. didn’t know you move blog to wordpress neh..

  4. […] was exactly the same paragraph I used in last year’s review. Yet it’s the best paragraph to describe this year for […]

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