2013 in review.

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

A year of weddings, a year of farewells. New friends were made, some friends became strangers. Many days of laughter, just as many the opposite. A time of ambition, caught sidetracked by doubt. Behind the smiles, questions filled the voice within.

This was exactly the same paragraph I used in last year’s review. Yet it’s the best paragraph to describe this year for me. 

(play my song for 2013 – “Daft Punk – Get Lucky” before you read on)

The good:

  • Done 3 marathons this year, including The Spring 10KM run. Proud to finish my longest run to date.
  • Visited Australia after 7 years. Truly a walk down memory lane. 
  • Did my part and vote during the election. 
  • Actually celebrated Gawai at a longhouse, with a couple of friends from KL.
  • Became a witness to my close friend’s marriage proposal. 
  • Watched Metallica live in Singapore. A lifelong dream came true!! 
  • Finally got myself a new job after 5 years plus in BCCK.
  • Enjoyed great company with friends on my birthday week. 
  • Had the privilege to be a Heng Tai (brother) for a friend’s wedding in KL, the honor to toast for two friends’ weddings in Kuching, and even represented my brother in his wedding to, er, drink for him. Four weddings conservatively on a weekend from 29 November to 22 December 2013. 

The bad: 

  • I left a job that I loved because of severe office politics I got caught in.
  • I still struggled to enjoy my new job. I know I’m new, but I don’t feel like I’m a part of the team fairly often.  
  • I became more temperamental than before. I get more annoyed now when an individual doesn’t reply Whatsapp personal messages quickly, especially he/she is online for a fair bit of time. 
  • I haven’t stop smoking. 
  • I still get sick on an average once every 6 weeks.
  • I lost some control of my diet since I changed my job.
  • I am still in debt.
  • I am still luckless in romance.
  • And my brother has cancer. The family hasn’t been quite the same since it was discovered. Or maybe I just felt that way. 

The ugly:

  • For once since I came back from Kuching, I genuinely thought I would be in a relationship with a woman I met earlier this year. Instead, I had to see her flirting with another man. Am I not good enough for you? 
  • More unrequited love followed after that.
  • All seven deadly sins were committed.
  • The experts of fortune reading has warned me of a poor year ahead. I usually ignore this zodiac stuff, but the negative readings I’ve seen so far has been consistent. 
  • That lonely feeling.

I am in a quarter life crisis. 

Thanks, 2013. Some parts were great, but it’s a year I want to forget. 


One comment on “2013 in review.

  1. Coffee Girl says:

    Thank you for being a part of our wonderful journey towards our union (my husband and me) Mike. I pray some of the weddings aura will rub off on you. Meanwhile, chill and let’s have fun! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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