Welcome back, Clouded Pawn.

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

23 months has passed since I last logged into my blog.

When I read my last post, I could only chuckle. My 2013 self assumed he knew what was best for him. If only I could have the powers of time travel to tell him he was…misguided on a lot of things.

All I can say for now is, some time in Autumn 2015 I suddenly became…un-busy. And after much thought (and time), I have decided to come back to blogging.

But I had said that before, right? Will this interest to write again last as long as the glorious years of 2005 to 2011 on my Blogspot era? Or just another short-lived excitement like before? Do I just start anew, on a new blog name, from scratch, even a new persona?

To be honest, I am only writing this because it’s the new, final month of 2015. December always seem to trigger a resolution in me.

I am writing crap. That’s expected of me. This blog is empty, so I might as well write whatever I want.

But hey, I am back. I came out of retirement they say.





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