Why I will never eat Nando’s…

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015

…whenever I travel to Kuala Lumpur, or to most locations that require a flight ticket. Heck, I wouldn’t even bother to visit Nando’s beyond 100 kilometres from where I live.

This isn’t my first time avoiding a food & beverage franchise whenever I’m out with a luggage and/or travel bag. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Kenny Rogers, Burger King, Sushi King, Famous Amos, Baskin Robbins and Starbucks are just some of the brands I swore not to step into their outlets…whenever I’m outside of my hometown.

And the reason for the ‘boycott’? Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Nando’s has finally arrived in Kuching.


And that means I get to enjoy their awesome PERi-PERi sauces as well as their juicy, flame-grilled chicken whenever I want to now! Heck if money’s not an issue, I could visit their brand new outlet every weekend at the all-new Vivacity Megamall, the latest and largest mall in Cat City!

What took you so long, Nando's?

What took you so long, Nando’s?

So when there was an offer to attend their grand opening on 12 December 2015, I simply had to say ‘YES!’. Oh, to brace the massive traffic, equivalent of half the city’s population (OK I am exaggerating here but you get my drift),  just for free food! I’m a sucker for free food.

3 Amigos

Perks of this event: I can bring along my ladies. lol. Anyway, a wefie while we wait for the grand opening to start. PHOTO CREDIT: Eve Dutches

While waiting to get in, we (the media/bloggers) got to hear the background of Nando’s from Mr. Daniel Kong, Chief Executive Officer of Nando’s Malaysia.

Nando’s Malaysia chief executive officer, Daniel Kong

Nando’s Malaysia chief operating officer, Daniel Kong

Followed by Nando’s “traditional dance”, the Chicken Dance…

…the appearance of Barci, Nando’s mascot…

Nando’s mascot Barci

Nando’s mascot Barci

…and finally, the egg (that’s been getting a lot of attention lately) hatched!

(Balloons are made of egg yolks?)

Anyway, we got to go into the restaurant. The interior’s quite welcoming I must say.

DSC_2563 DSC_2564

But enough of that. It’s the food you want to know right?

We start with the appetizer. In my years of visiting Nando’s, I always go straight for the main course, so this was delightfully different for me.

Hummus with PERi-RERi Drizzle, with warm pita and olives

Hummus with PERi-RERi Drizzle, with warm pita and olives

Then the staff teased us by sending out the sides first:

PERi-Chips, PERi-Wedges, Grilled Veg, Coleslaw, Mediterranean rice and Corn-on-the-cob as the sides. I think it's almost all of their sides on offer!

PERi-Wedges, PERi-Chips, Grilled Veg, Coleslaw, Mediterranean rice and Corn-on-the-cob as the sides. I think it’s almost all of their sides on offer!

And then, the main star of the show. The magical taste of Nando’s PERi-PERi Flame-Grilled Chicken:

The 4 levels of heat

The 4 levels of heat

Just like the MC said, the chicken’s cooked to perfection!

Ah, it’s all delicious, even the sides were more than ordinary! Just like how I remembered it during my days in KL.

I love my chicken to be Extra Hot. That additive ‘kick’ if you know what I mean.

That's how much I love my Extra Hot PERi-PERi

That’s how much I love my Extra Hot PERi-PERi (PHOTO CREDIT: Eve Dutches)

I know all but one person on my table loves the Extra Hot too. However I am surprised by the survey from the ‘makan’ session: majority of the diners love the Lemon & Herb PERi-PERi Chicken the most!

Kuchingites in general don’t really like spicy food? Guess that’s the truth huh?

Oh, there’s a dessert too:

Chocolate cake, I think?

Chocolate cake, I think?

Didn’t try it. I finished half a chicken plus a fair bit of the sides. Too full to try. But I heard from my friends it wasn’t great. No matter, you don’t come to Nando’s for dessert!

With the usual suspects

With the usual suspects (PHOTO CREDIT: Eve Dutches)

I left Nando’s happy of course. Even more happy when the PR agency gave me a goodie bag like this one:

Best. Goodie Bag. I. Ever. Had!

What an awesome goodie bag!


Information on Nandos


Cool fridge magnets!

I’m really delighted Nando’s has made it’s mark in Kuching. Though I still wouldn’t dine at the eatery whenever I travel abroad. No offence, Nando’s! It’s just that I want to taste all the other restaurants/franchise that is not in my hometown yet (like Subway, Domino’s, Dave’s Deli, etc).

I can assure you however, that I’ll be a regular customer. And that’s something, ’cause I haven’t been a regular customers to all the other brands I mentioned earlier on!

So like a stereotypical advertisement, visit Nando’s today and enjoy some tasty flame-grilled chicken!

By the way, do sign up for Nando’s PERi-Village Loyalty app on the App Store and Google Play. You can get free chicken* if you visit them a lot.


4 comments on “Why I will never eat Nando’s…

  1. As “typical” kuchingite, I can’t take spicy food. Not big fan with extra hot. But I do like their peri sauce.

  2. ahlost says:

    regret i didn’t go that day eh 😦

    Mr Daniel is so cute in dancing.. hahahaha… Welcome back to blogging world Mike.. can’t wait to read more of what you are going to write…

    keep on blogginggggg ❤️

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