Kuching is now Under Armour

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


If the Cat Status is freakishly alive to my imagination!

I’m not sure if you knew the brand years ago, but I first found out about Under Armour (UA) through an American celebrity. That celebrity was none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson:


But it was when Tottenham Hotspurs football club announced a kit deal with UA that I became a curious customer. That was in 2011, and the only place I could order a UA gear was online.



So through kitbag.com I got myself my first UA Compression T-Shirt. Since then, I’ve been wearing it for my 10KM runs / half marathons…although I was wearing it together with a Nike compression shorts as part of the #ootd. Trust me when I say the compression t-shirt helps me a lot in keeping cool, dry and light during my runs!


Back in 2011.

So imagine my excitement when UA finally came to my hometown Kuching!

I attended the UA press conference on 15 December 2015, and I was pleased to meet the people responsible for bringing the performance apparel to Cat City.

Mr. Michael Binger, Chief Executive Officer, Triple Pte. Ltd. (the distributor for UA in South East Asia) said Kuching has a great outdoor sports culture and that the health and fitness market in Kuching is growing as fast as in big cities. He was spot on I’ll say; just look at the amount of gyms and running / cycling events we have here in the last 6 – 7 years! Mr. Binger also mention UA is going to make about USD 4 billion by this year, and their target by 2020 is USD 10 billion. Well with the way UA markets itself, I’m sure the target is achievable.



Mr. Michael Binger, CEO, Triple Pte. Ltd.

Now, UA doesn’t have its own Brand House here unlike the ones in Kuala Lumpur; instead UA does it by opening up a Shop in Shop in LEA Sports Centre, Sarawak Plaza. Mr. Raymond Sim, Managing Director, LEA Group of Companies said it took the leading sports company in Sarawak more than a year to finalize the deal with UA. He followed up his comments with the UA brand to come to Miri, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah soon.


Mr. Raymond Sim, Managing Director, LEA Group of Companies

A signing ceremony was done on that day as well.


Oh by the way, UA has also sponsored their attire to two local gyms in Kuching: Gym Box and Phoenix Gym.  Nice! I’m not from either one of the gyms though… (Hey Level Up Fitness! How come you’re not sponsored? I thought the trainers were wearing UA gear??)


Mr. Stephen Onn represented Gym Box while Mr. Dan Ling was the boss of Phoenix Gym. For Stephen, it is an honour to be wearing the same gear as “The Rock”, while for Dan, he first wore the brand during his time in the military and that he’s enthusiastic that with UA’s presence in Kuching. He continued by saying the gyms are now more approachable for the general public.


Meanwhile, here’s me and the Sarawak Bloggers team:


Photo Credit: Precious Mad Photo

Here are a couple of photos of the UA shop in LEA Centre:



And I got some cool goodie bags too 🙂


So, obviously I am thrilled to have UA in Kuching. And if I can afford it, I’m sure to buy any of their Alter Ego series like their Avengers series or the Star Wars series.

Here’s the Cat Statue at the Store. Just to end this post. underarmourkuching-02.jpg



3 comments on “Kuching is now Under Armour

  1. ahlost says:

    now everyone can underamour… hehehehe..

  2. […] their own events only in West Malaysia, Under Armour Malaysia didn’t forget about Sarawak.  I like that they got Sarawak to be the first state outside of KL and Selangor to have UA’s presenc…, and I like them even more since they’re giving out a free workout sessions like “Armour @ the […]

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