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Three Cool Things You Should Know About Batik Boutique Hotel

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

In the previous post, I was invited to a food tasting at Nagoya Restaurant, which was located at Batik Boutique Hotel. The owner, Jackie was generous enough to let the bloggers (including yours truly) to stay for a night at the hotel.


The lobby area of Batik Boutique. No reception area needed; make yourself at home!

There are four types of room settings at Batik: City Facing Suites, Deluxe Suites, Courtyard Facing Suites – Twin and Courtyard Facing Suites – King. Now, to encourage you to visit their website (, guess which room I ended up with?


Kinky-minded individuals would like this room much. 

I had a good night of course, with my Queen sized bed being comfortable and NINE pillows all for myself. But it was three cool things from this small, chic hotel (only 15 rooms) that I go “No wonder this hotel is #6 in the Tripadvisor rankings B&Bs/Inns in Kuching

1) The local welcome meal, served by the very welcoming staff



Upon arrival, I was greeted by the staff, and I was given a shot of tuak and several slices of Batik cake by Mok (apologies for the wrong spelling!), who took care of reception and housekeeping. She’s fun to talk to, and that’s great; most frontline staff I know in the hospitality industry is professional but sometimes reserved in their conversation with the guests. So she gave me a good impression on the hotel. Oh, and I like that shot of Tuak. In fact, I should like all forms of alcohol served to me. But if you can’t drink alcohol for either religious or medical or by choice, don’t worry the do have the mocktails for you.



Batik Cake

ut really, this welcoming moment is just scratching the surface of their hospitality service. Go read their reviews on TripAdvisor and count how many of them love their friendliness. Well done, Batik Boutique!

2) The satellite channels in the room

This was originally not cool, in the sense of the channel setup when I first turned it on; I thought I only had THREE channels to watch! Not only that, one channel could not receive the signal, and the other two was some interview show in China. No subtitles. Urgh!

But this satellite channel isn’t Astro. It’s the one where you could get channels at least twice or thrice the amount of Astro’s full package. I set to work on “unlocking” the channels, and I discovered I could actually watch 40 channels in my room. Normal hotels only offer like what, 12?


What’s all these channels about?

I ended up watching NHK English, about a Japanese chef visiting the country of Bhutan to learn more about their culinary. I is the happy 🙂



Japanese TV show. Cause I had Japanese dinner. And I feel all Japanese after that.

You can ask the staff to get the channels working for you of course. But I enjoyed the little reward of “Netflix and Chill” (almost!) from fixing up the channels.

3) The Tanamera all-natural amenities

I CANNOT STOP BRAGGING ABOUT THIS ONE! In all the years I stayed in hotels of various stars, no amenities of theirs have matched the level of awesomeness from this made-in-Malaysia product! The beautiful, natural scent fit for a spa treatment. I never thought my shower could be so…relaxing. You can purchase this at the hotel itself, so this makes a great gift for the ladies (and the metrosexual men!).



Love it!


If you plan to visit Kuching and you’ll like a really nice room to compliment your adventure in Sarawak, Batik Boutique Hotel’s for you. It sounds like a cliché sales pitch, I know, but really, with an average rate of RM250 a room (check online for actual rates, and it depends on season), it’s really worth it. Better than some 5-star hotels here in fact!


Batik Boutique Hotel

38, Jalan Padungan,

93100, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia

Tel: +6082-422-845